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Disky is a product of ChatCentric.

ChatCentric is a registered reseller of licence disc renewals

Registered company: PSLBUSINESSSOLUTIONS (Pty) Ltd trading as ChatCentric​

Terms and Conditions & Data Privacy Policy

By using our online web application ( or WhatsApp application (021-518-1008), you are accepting the terms and conditions set out below.



Disky is an online vehicle licence renewal service available in South Africa. Disky is a product developed by PSLBUSINESSSOLUTIONS (PTY) LTD trading as ChatCentric (hereinafter referred to as “Disky”).

WhatsApp and/or other services applications


  • The Disky service is an official WhatsApp business service registered with Meta using number +27 (0)21 518 1008.

  • The Disky service may also be available on other application interfaces.

  • The Disky WhatsApp service allows for licence renewals 365 days a year. Disky renewal queries can be directed to

  • The applicant opt-in to the Disky WhatsApp channel to apply for a licence renewal, and by doing so gives Disky permission to send out transaction status updates and or any other communication from Disky via WhatsApp or any alternative communication channel selected by Disky.

  • The applicant may renew multiple vehicles in one transaction

  • The applicant acknowledges that a successful vehicle renewal is the issuing of a MVL1 or MVLX document by the Department of Transport or any other official relevant department authorised to issue the said renewal.

  • The MVL1 document is an official receipt and proof of renewal of a vehicle licence that include a licence disc.

  • The MVLX document is an official receipt and proof of renewal of a vehicle licence that does not include a licence disc due to outstanding requirements.

  • Vehicle license discs may be blocked (MVLX document) due to unlicensed vehicles, enforcement orders, roadworthy, or change or ownership in the name of the registered owner and can only be determined once the vehicle license renewal application is submitted for renewal at the regional / local licensing department. Disky cannot be held responsible for issuing of blocked license discs.

  • Information required during the renewal application process:

    • Clear photo of the registered owners’ SA ID book (both pages, left & right on one photo) or clear photo of the registered owners’ SA ID Card (ONLY the Front)

    • Acceptance of the authorisation (proxy) letter (accepted during the application process)

    • BRN Certificate, RC1 or RNC document if the vehicle is registered in a Company

  • The Disky service takes +- 10 working days in major metro areas and +- 14 working days in minor or remote metro areas. These timelines are only estimates and the Disky service is dependent on 3rd party service providers and Licence Authorities. These estimates are calculated from the time that Disky receives ALL the correct documents. No refunds of service fees will be considered if the applicant is unable to provide the correct documents.

  • These timelines are best effort, and no refunds will be considered if the renewal takes longer because of any delays that is not in the control of Disky

  • Disky includes a status lookup service, accessible from the main menu on WhatsApp

  • Disky may add or remove services from the WhatsApp channel from time to time at its own discretion

  • Disky may request the applicant to resubmit incorrect and or unclear supporting documents.

Service Fees (refers to Application Fees)

  • Disky charges a service fee for each vehicle licence application

  • The service fee may vary from time to time and from reseller to reseller and is determined by Disky at its sole discretion

  • The fees are payable online during the application process and Disky offers a variety of secure online payment service providers

  • Disky offers a door-to-door delivery service at an additional fee and may be adjusted from time to time depending on service provider rate changes

  • The user/applicant understands and agrees that Disky may charge an additional fee for a total transaction amount exceeding R2,000 inclusive of VAT due to high service provider merchant fees.

  • The applicant will receive a tax invoice for each transaction during the online application process

Renewal Fees

  • The applicant acknowledges that Disky makes use of and appoints service providers to fulfill the renewal process in all 9 regions of South Africa

  • All quotes for renewals are generated by the service provider and the service provider is responsible for any under or overcharging renewals

  • The renewal fee consists of the annual renewal fee as published in the Government Gazette from time to time. Disky and its service providers do everything possible to make sure the quoting system is updated monthly to quote the latest fees

  • The renewal fee may also include penalties for late renewals and or other penalties imposed by the Licencing Departments

  • Renewal fee discrepancies (quote amount vs paid amount) can be queried at

Additional Annual Renewal Fees

If the Licencing Department charges any outstanding fees when issuing the documents, the client is responsible for paying those fees immediately to Disky either upon collection or before the dispatch of the documents.

Personal Information

  • The applicant agrees that Disky collects & store necessary personal information to fulfill the licence renewal application. The information may consist of data, photographs and or any other form of digital document required to renew a licence disc

  • The applicant agrees that Disky will send out renewal reminder messages by means of any communication channel +- one month before a licence is due for renewal

  • Disky takes data privacy seriously and as such have implemented controls to protect any personally identifiable information that we may encounter. Some of our services make use of third party software and services to provide services to you as our valued client, and whilst Disky has taken all reasonable steps to ensure the information that is transferred via these applications are secure, we cannot take responsibility for the controls and measures that they have put in place to protect information

  • Disky only collects Personal Information that is reasonably necessary for us to provide the service to you

  • Disky store your name and mobile number to communicate with you via WhatsApp messages, and where applicable, the date and location when requested. We log all text interactions with you to improve the service, this includes your sender information, the content of the message and the metadata about the message

  • Disky will never request payment card details. Payments are fulfilled on payment provider applications

  • Disky may contact or message users with market and industry related material for value-adding services

  • Your personal information will not be transferred to organizations or countries that do not have adequate data protection policies and will be protected against any unauthorised or illegal access by internal or external parties. We disclose your Personal Information only to our Authorised Service Providers with whom we contract to assist us in providing the service to you. We make use of Authorised Service Providers to automatically contact you regarding your request. They process your Personal Information strictly per our instructions for the purpose for which such Personal Information has been disclosed to them. They will always be under obligation to protect your Personal Information on terms that provide the same or equivalent protection as set out in this Privacy Policy.

Services Providers​

  • Disky makes use of the follow 3rd party service providers to fulfil the online payment:

    • Zapper Marketing (Southern Africa) (Pty) Ltd (“Zapper”)

    • Ozow (Pty) Ltd (“Ozow”)

    • PayU Payment Solutions (Pty) Ltd ("PayU")

  • WhatsApp Business Service Provider:

    • 360dialog GmbH


The user/applicant consent that the vehicle license renewal (MVL1 and or MVLX) is part of the application process that will be renewed by the Service Provider. On acceptance of payment request, the user/applicant consent to a digital authorization (proxy) letter with a unique transaction reference number for the Service Provider to renew the vehicle licence on the user/applicant’s behalf. The Service Provide will complete the authorization letter with the details of the responsible representative after acceptance by the user/applicant. Disky is not responsible for incorrect details provided by the user/applicant. In the event where incorrect information was provided, the Service Provider will request corrected documentation and information before a vehicle license is renewed.


  • Renewal / Penalty / Late fees are quoted per vehicle licence and is generated / calculated by the Service Provider

  • Renewal / Penalty / Late fee price differences at the time of quoting and actual amount paid at the Licence Authorities (MVL1 and or MVLX document) can be queried with

  • Overcharge amounts will be refunded only via EFT to the applicant within 14 working days from time of receipt of all the correct information.

  • Under-quoted amounts will be invoiced to the user/applicant.

  • Renewal fee refunds or renewal cancellations only applies to exceptional circumstances and should be queried with Service fees charged by Disky will not be refunded. 3% admin fee will be retained on the renewal / penalty / late fee amount for processing.

Refund Policy

In cases where the renewal application was processed and submitted to the relevant Licence Office or Service centre, and the licence disc is withheld due to outstanding requirements or the licence could not be renewed due to reasons provided by the licence authorities the Application fee is non-refundable. Some reasons may include:

  • Failure to provide the correct supporting documents 

  • Outstanding motor vehicle fees

  • Enforcement orders

  • Roadworthy certification requirements 

  • Any other outstanding monies due to the Licensing Department

Application Lead Time

Disky's processing time for any renewal application may take approximately 10-15 business days, subject to the delivery location. These average will exclude renewals that have either a soft or hard block and events that inter alia relates to a “Force Majeure occurrence” which will include but not be limited to the following: 

  • Natural disasters; 

  • Strikes; 

  • System issues relating to the e-Natis System; 

  • Delays in the documentation submitted by customers; 

  • Delays due to licencing departments or SAPO or any related services provider actively involved in the renewals not operating during normal business hours; 

  • Incorrect information provided by the customers.

Liabilities & Disclaimers

PSLBUSINESSSOLUTIONS (Pty) Ltd trading as ChatCentric (the Disky product owner) is not responsible or take responsibility for incorrect information provided by the user/applicant. Incorrect information can impact the quote and or delay the renewal process. Information provided during the application process is the responsibility of the user/applicant that the user/applicant agrees that all information and supporting documents provided are true and correct.

Law and Arbitration

These General Terms are governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa. Any dispute arising in relation to these General Terms shall, to the extent permitted by law, be referred to arbitration in Cape Town at a venue of your choice applying the Uniform Rules of the High Court of South Africa.

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